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We give our clients the intelligence they need to mitigate the physical risk to their assets and those they love.

Making decisions related to the safety of people and assets can be tough without intelligence reporting. Unfortunately, the majority of corporations and high profile individuals do not have the time to sift through the massive amounts of information required to mitigate their risk. With our protective intelligence solutions, our clients gain access to accurate information that allows them to make informed decisions and take action. We are able to provide reporting as needed or through the placement of a highly experienced Intelligence Analysis at your site. We also offer short-term staffing of analysis to support your Global Security Operations Centers (GSOC).

Intelligence monitoring/reporting related services




Corporate or individual threats


Client Meeting

Client Meeting

Building authentic relationships is at the core of who we are. Prior to any of our protective intelligence solutions being implemented, we meet with our clients to understand more about their interest, risk levels, and desired outcomes. This engagement provides us with the opportunity to set the stage for a collaborative relationship and begin developing a personalized security solution.



Once we have outlined your goals, our team will build an in-depth protective intelligence strategy specifically tailored for your needs. We’ll even assign a dedicated Account Manager to help ensure a successful implementation of the strategy and provide on-going support for you and your team throughout the process. For extended, larger scale solutions where an on-site team of analyst are required, a local team leader will be assigned as an additional layer of leadership and satisfaction for our clients. Our leaders stay highly engaged with each of our clients to continue building upon our relationship and make timely adjustments to our protective intelligence strategy based on threat level and client needs.

Mission Debrief

Mission Debrief

Once we’ve completed our mission, we meet with our clients to deliver a comprehensive debrief of the support provided, along with strategy updates and questions for feedback on their experience. And for clients who are interested in going a step further, we are always more than happy to recommend additional solutions and an on-going protection strategy to keep them protected for the long haul. As a full service security and investigations company, our range of services help to complement the protection strategy. And each and every day, our team stands ready and able to deploy additional services and resources as needed.