Background Screening; Depth matters

Background checks are critical for everything from pre-employment to financial dealings

For any company that wants to protect the integrity of its hires and assets, in-depth background screening is a must. Regardless of the purpose – whether it’s pre-employment, a major blockchain transaction, or granting of access to sensitive material – background checks can protect your business from harm and embarrassment.

Background checks are used to dig up details about a person’s history to determine if they’re trustworthy. Pre-employment background checks can help uncover a person’s work history (e.g. if they were fired from past positions and why). A criminal background check can unveil a person’s prior convictions which, if serious enough, could make a workplace risky or unsafe. But background screening can also be used for everything from investigating healthcare-related infractions to credit checks to international histories.

Essentially, they’re designed to help you determine if the person you’re dealing with is telling the truth about their past.

The benefits of background screening

These checks might initially seem aggressive or invasive, but they have many benefits. For starters, background screening is granular and can confirm identity, education, job experience, criminal and legal history, and financial data. This takes the pressure off the shoulders of a hiring manager, whose primary duty should be matching job candidates to open positions, not conducting investigations.

Plus, background screening has been linked to improved quality in job hires and better regulatory compliance. Many companies see this as a basic component to the larger security plan .

And background screens can offer peace of mind. Take for instance a significant business transaction of high value with a new customer or business partner. With valuable assets at risk, you don’t want to be cheated, and a background screen can help ensure that the other party’s information is legitimate. This is increasingly important as more and more transactions and deals take place online.

Why this matters

Bad hires are a liability. Research shows that 38% of potential employees lie on their job applications and resumes. Without a background screen, your company might invest the time and money in hiring and training this employee only to find out that they’re unqualified. Firing them or dealing with their on-the-job mistakes can be costly – negligent hiring lawsuits can lead to settlements upwards of $1 million or more.

Not to mention, employees who lie during the hiring process can go on to steal, pocketing things as small as a box of paper clips or committing crimes like embezzlement.

Background screens are an extra layer of protection that you can’t get elsewhere, regardless of how great your questions are, how strong your selective AI is, or how skilled your HR team may be. This is a service you need.

We conduct the types of thorough background screens that can protect you from theft, liability, and embarrassment. Contact us today to start vetting your new hires and business partners with confidence. We also offer continuous screenings to give you on-going protection in your engagements.