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Our team is dedicated to protecting your assets and helping you thrive.


As a leader in the corporate security industry, our team is focused on tailoring services to the needs of those we serve. We’re experts in navigating the complexity and sensitivity of our corporate clients and are constantly focused on aligning our approach with the unique culture of your organization. For us, what we do extends beyond the corporate world – we even provide personalized security solutions to individuals and their families to help mitigate risk to their physical and financial well-being and ensure that they’re always protected by a comprehensive security strategy.

Our Services


Our company is capable of identifying and solving your biggest security, risk management, and investigative questions. In the world of corporate security, cookie-cutter solutions simply aren’t enough to mitigate risk. We believe that when it comes to mitigating risk to your physical or financial interest, each client requires a uniquely tailored strategy to keep them protected. For this very reason, we place our largest investments in people and building relationships.

Protective Intelligence

Events/Meetings, Travel, Crisis, Corporate or Individual Threats

Security Consulting

Security Design Services, Risk, Threat and Vulnerability Assessments, Asset Protection Auditing, Safety and Security Training


Corporate and Private Investigations related to Crimes, Civil Litigation, Asset Protection, and Reputation.

Risk Screenings

Background Screenings, Background Checks (Pre-Employment and Continuous), Due Diligence, Employee Climate Surveys and Interviews

Threat Management

Emergency Preparedness and Response, High-Risk Employee Terminations and Company Restructuring, Workplace Violence Training and Response

Protection Services

Corporate Security, Executive Protection, Event Security, Asset Protection, Secured Transportation